Producers' Page

The Promise
Optimum monetization of your productions.

Help build a brand equity for your production skills for now and future.

The shows
We try to represent a wide variety within our catalogue. However, factual programming remains our strongest point.

In addition to the finished programmes, we are happy to come on board for shows that are in development or in production. Working as a team, we help raise production funds for such shows through commissioning, co-production and pre-sales. We have a strong background in successfully pitching shows for commissioning especially in Europe and Asia Pacific. In some cases, we have also put up small funds into projects against production credit.

How do we sell?
Through constant interaction with major broadcasters around the world over the years, we've indeed built a strong and reliable network.

Besides, we attend between 8 and 10 major markets each year. Prominent among them are MIPTV, MIPCOM, DISCOP, ATF, NATPE, Real Screen Summit and Science Congress.

We also advertise our shows regularly in major trade magazines and other outlets.

How Do We Work
We believe in working like a team. Yes, distribution is our business, but we build relationships beyond this. Helping you create your new shows, feeding in market intelligence, pitching your shows for commissioning and co-production are all part of the overall package.

In the true team spirit, we work in a total transparent manner, with integrity and commitment.

And, like a mainstream channel, we are always ON. 24x7.

We are also known for our financial discipline, always prompt and proper. Also, we don't claim back any marketing expenses that we undertake to sell the shows.

Ready to Come on Board?
Yes? Welcome to Optimum! You could simply write to us at with the details of your show. To follow it up, we would require DVDs or online link to your show. In case of a series, more than one episode is always better.

If we feel we are the right company for your show, we will send you a distribution agreement. For starters, we would require the following;

- Synopsis and show details.
- High resolution images for flyers, posters and website.
- Trailer
- Program logo (if available)

To service the deals, we require the material in international format. There are six or seven markets that would take the English version. Rest of the world dubs them, invariably. Therefore, separate music & effect tracks are essential. So are the time-coded scripts and music cue sheets.

Most countries around the world are on PAL format.

Broadcasters are increasingly looking at content in high definition. 1080i is more acceptable to networks than the lower version.

For further details, please write to our technical team at RE:FINE.

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