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Trinity and Beyond

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On July 16, 1945, a plutonium bomb was assembled and brought to the top of a tower at a site called Trinity. When detonated, it produced an intense flash and a fireball that expanded to 600 meters in two seconds. It grew to a height of more than 12 kilometres, boiling up in the shape of a mushroom. Forty seconds later, the balst air from the bomb reached the observation bunker, along with a long and deafening roar of sound. And so began the ATOMIC AGE.

Trinity and Beyond is an unsettling yet visually fascinating documentary preseting the history of the nuclear weapon. Narrated by William Shatner (Boston Legal, Star Trek) and featuring an original score by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra, this award-winning documentary reveals previously unreleased and classified government footage depicting in graphic detail these powerful and awesome weapons. Many scenes have been restored with an Academy Award winning process created (by Peter Kuran) to restore the colour.

Director-producer Peter Kuran has perfectly preserved these haunting images for generations to come. With new footage shot in high definition, the film also has some rare segments of nuclear bomb tests conducted by the United States, Russia and China, including the largest atomic explosion ever detonated, one of them could be and should be seen in 3D to take in its full impact.

An extraordinary production, that provides an understanding of events and technologies that have changed the world forever.

Episodic Synopsis available here Click to download

92 minutes

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