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Huey's Kitchen

Iain Hewitson combines his lifelong passions for food and travel, taking audiences on whirlwind tour of the world. Huey seeks out local ingredients to create inspired dishes in some of the most exotic locations.

The show with the largest daytime TV audience over a five-day period in Australia. A Creative Media production for Channel 10.

Huey has been a chef/restaurateur for more than 40 years. He is a regular fixture on national televisions in Australia, with shows like Healthy, Wealthy & Wise, A Cook's Journey, Huey's TV Dinner, Never Trust a Skinny Cook and Huey's Cooking Adventures.

Iain has written eight books.

He perhaps is Australia's most watched television cook. Travelling around some of the most picturesque regions of both Australia and overseas, he presents simple yet special recipes that are easy to recreate at home Huey's Kitchen comes with his customary enthusiasm for all things culinary. With all new recipes and locations, he encourages you to spend more time both in the kitchen and outside on the barbie.

Huey's easy to follow recipes have always been a hit with viewers and, as he says, "My job is to get the viewers out of the pre-prepared food sections and take away shops and into the kitchen where they belong."

In his aim to encourage home cooks to try interesting new ingredients and experiment with same, Huey goes to great lengths to visit as many regions and countries as possible - talking to chefs, producers and local characters to discover all the foodie secrets of the area. Another pleasure is filming with many of the true heroes of the culinary world - the chefs themselves.

Huey appeals to a wide cross section of viewers, including a younger audience, which gives him a great buzz, after watching many get involved in the kitchen and learn cooking skills that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.

Episodic Synopsis available here Click to download

90 x 30 minutes

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