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Croatia's Finest

Croatia's Finest, a culinary delight running successfully in 60-plus countries, returns for a delicious Season 3. And time time, master chef, Dhruv Baker, will be adding river and coastal journeys to the menu!

British Masterchef Dhruv Baker is often described as an 'exceptional' cook with the 'palate of an angel'. Born and raised in Mexico, India and Africa, he is an adventure and exploration freak. If not in his kitchen, he is travelling all over the world, chasing the aroma of the delicious dishes unknown to him. In this series Dhurv is on a mission to explore Croatia and its cuisine. In a land where Roman gods spent their holiday times, Dhruv whips up some truly exotic feasts.

Episodic Synopsis available here Click to download

32 x 30 minutes

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