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Ross Noble: Freewheeling

The king of improv Ross Noble is doing a comedy travelogue. The only problem is that Ross doesn't like travelogues. They are too set up, pre-planned and frankly all a bit too obvious.

Ross wants to do things his way, and his way is the random way. So he puts his fate in the hands of the public as he calls on fans through social media to decide every step of his journey.

Of course Freewheeling shows that things always don't go according to plan ---- but that's the part of the challenge and part of the fun. A show that doesn't just avoid the well-trodden paths and the traditional travel show fodder, but actively subverts them. If he has to go to a tourist attraction, Noble is more likely to be hanging around by the bins. At a church, he's more likely to be found doing a best man speech for a couple he's never met.

Freewheeling is a comic journey and a fascinating insight into the modern life.

Episodic Synopsis available here Click to download

6 x 60 minutes

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