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Look at us now, Mother

A humorous, moving, intimate and courageous film following the transformation of an abusive mother and tumultuous mother daughter relationship to that of acceptance and love.

In My Nose, filmmaker Gayle Kirschenbaum introduced audiences to her critical mother in a humorous short film about her mom's quest to get her to have a nose job. Barely touching the surface of their most complex and charged relationship, (The Washington Post wrote, �if you do [have a mother like Gayle's], get thee to a psychotherapist.") Kirschenbaum knew it was time to go deeper.

Audiences all over the world related to Gayle�s story and wanted to know the secret. How is she able to accept and even love her mother who is so disapproving of her? The long, miraculous and poignant journey is told in her new film, LOOK AT US NOW, MOTHER.

Episodic Synopsis available here Click to download

60 minutes

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