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Wolves and Men

Sylvain Macchi and Audrey Prucca are on a mission. For past 30 years, they have been living with the wolves in the hope that they will be able to present a different picture of the animal to the world than one presently held.

Over a hundred wolves live in the sanctuary that Sylvain and Audrey have created in Southern France. They hope they will be able to convince everyone about wolves� important role in the ecosystem. They are also trying to unravel many things that we hardly know about this apex predator. Their social structure and behaviour in packs is complex and fascinating, and they continue to stir our imagination as a mysterious animal.

But, when savage wolves appear on the horizon to attack livestock and farmers, Sylvain and Audrey�s efforts get hit badly.

A rare wolf film with stunning visuals and hearthugging emotions.

Episodic Synopsis available here Click to download

52 minutes

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