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Peru: Extreme Planet

One of world's ace wildlife photographer, Cyril Ruoso, teams up with two science reporters to embark on a journey of a lifetime. Together they crisscross three of the most extreme ecosystems on earth in Peru: the impenetrable rainforests of the Amazon, the sky-kissing glaciers of the Andes and the desert plains of the Pacific coast.

As they follow the water cycle from east to west, we are given a unique opportunity to discover some stunning landscapes and a rich diversity of animal and plant life that have successfully adapted to the extreme conditions of heat, humidity, altitude, cold and drought. During the journey, they search for rare species, meet scientists and discover what links the three ecosystems together. They also understand why it's important to preserve them at a time when the climate change and human activity are threatening their very existence.

Peru: Extreme Planet is the ultimate miniseries showcasing Peru�s unique nature and wildlife. Savour the beauty and thrill as the three explorers capture breath-taking images, access remote areas and encounter exotic species.

Episodic Synopsis available here Click to download

3 x 52 minutes

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