Tales from Rhino Land
Tales from Rhino Land

India's Kaziranga National Park is truly nature's paradise. It's about the only place where one can hope to capture India's magnificent BIG FIVE wild animals in one frame --- Eastern Swamp Deer, Asiatic Elephants, wild Buffalos, Tigers and Rhinoceros.

Sloth bears, leopards, king cobras, pythons and nearly 800 species of birds add further colour and splendour to this breathtakingly beautiful landscape. The park has the highest density of the majestic tigers anywhere in the world, yet surprisingly, they are not the headline here.

This is the kingdom of the Greater One-horned Rhinoceros (GOHR). Two other herbivorous mammoths - the elephants and buffalos - share these grasslands with the rhinos.

We spend three seasons in this incredible park to bring home some amazing tales. These are the tales of the big, bulky and often angry rhinos, who, if not busy eating, are relentlessly pursuing females. Tales of massive elephant herds, the elephant whisperer, of rhino warriors and the monsoon babies.

But the park is not only about big animals. Songs of the Great Indian Hornbills and the resounding calls of India's last and only ape, hoolock gibbons, echo the park to remind us that it's their playground too.

The series tells these and many more remarkable tales that are bound to stay with the viewers for a long, long time.

Episodic Synopsis available here Click to download

6 x 30 minutes

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