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Two Girls and a Kit Car

Jade and Crisi live to perform, but an audition in Italy for a dream role for Crisi is out of the question because of her fear of flying. That is, until best friend Jade borrows an ageing replica Cobra car from her uncle, and offers to drive her.

What follows is a unique, fun-filled European adventure. It sees the girls needing to undertake all sorts of weird and wonderful jobs to help fund their trip. They have not travelled before! So, it is also a journey of determination and self-discovery. They constantly learn about both themselves, and the many people and places they come into contact with. They see new countries and embrace new cultures. As the apprehension subsides, it is their newly found freedom of the open road that becomes their driving force.

Jade is the level-headed brunette, determined, happy to take charge, and eager to try all that life has to offer. Crisi's stunning blonde looks often mask her ambitious soul. She is shy, nervous, and lacks self-confidence. Yet somewhere deep inside Crisi yearns to be strong like Jade, and throughout the trip she pushes herself to defeat past demons, and slowly discovers the person she has always longed to be.

Being girls, of course they like to have fun, so they still manage to find time to experience some adrenalin-fuelled activities along the way. But will the car, and ultimately their friendship, survive? And will they make it to the audition in time?

Episodic Synopsis available here Click to download

15 x 30 minutes

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