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A Tiger Called Prince

This is the story of a tiger: a darling of photographers and tourists. Though the undisputed king, he's called Prince.

His extraordinary dare devilry and courage are the stuff the legends are made of. Bringing down a 1-ton gaur, the largest of the bulls with fearsome horns and temperament, is not difficult for him. For any predator, it is the ultimate trophy. Because of this reputation, no one messed with Prince. But, as age started to catch up with him, a young tiger, Madesha, started eying his territory, females and food. And then Prince suddenly disappeared. He was carrying a few injuries. When he wasn't seen for two weeks, many thought that he has been killed by Madesha. One fine day, Madesha too brought down a gaur to showcase his prowess and stamp his authority on the territory.

Just when everyone had written off Prince, he returned. His injuries had healed. He had shed some weight but he was more muscular than ever before. He now had to hunt down a gaur to announce his arrival to his rival and reclaim his kingdom.

Will he be able to do it?

Episodic Synopsis available here Click to download

50 minutes

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