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A Wild Connection

A Wild Connection is a ground-breaking wildlife and exploration series that seeks to highlight the world's wildlife through the eyes of the people that know these animals the best. From the snowy valleys of Yellowstone National Park to the humid jungles of south America and the imperilled tropical reefs of the world's oceans, National Geographic TV host James Currie brings you closer than ever before. With stunning footage from world-renowned videographer Josh Liberman, this exciting series opens the door to a new connection with wildlife and nature.

Winter Wolves of Yellowstone

After an absence of of 70 years, wolves were reintroduced into Yellowstone National Park in the mid-1990s. James ventures out with wolf tracker Nathan Varley to find out how the wolves are doing today. We learn how important these creatures are to the ecosystem of the park and what is being done to ensure their survival into the future.

Whales of Riviera Nayarit

Javier Alvarez has been surfing his entire life in the ocean that he shares with humpback whales. He remembers how few there were when he was a young boy and marvels at how they have returned in strong numbers to the bay that he calls home on the Riviera Nayarit coastline of Mexico. In this episode we explore the wonderful world of whales and witness jaw-dropping behaviors of these goliath creatures.

Blue-footed Boobies of Isla Isabel

There are few birds that are as charismatic and endearing as the blue-footed boobies of Isla Isabel off Mexico's pacific coast. Journey with James as he explores the rich birdlife of this place that has been aptly named Mexico's Galapagos. We meet one of Mexico's top chefs, Betty Vasquez, and she explain show the blue-footed boobies of Isla Isabel have shaped her culinary career.

Giant Anteaters of Guyana

Of the four species of anteaters, the giant anteater is a true behemoth that dwarfs other members of the family. Unfortunately, these vulnerable creatureshave been persecuted through much of their range in south America. But the small country of Guyana still harbors good numbers of these amazing animals.James explores the relationship between giant anteaters and the local cowboys of the Rupinini savannahs deep within the heart of this fantastic country.

Giant River Otters of Guyana

More than a decade ago, James visited the legendary "otter lady" Diane McTurck and her family of giant river otters. Sadly, Diane recently passed away but she passed on her otter rehabilitation project onto her prodiges. James returns to see how the project is progressing and learns a little about the lives of these aquatic giants.

Turtles of Palm Beach - TBA

Manatees of Florida - TBA

Tigers of Tiger Beach - TBA

River Dolphins of Peru - TBA

African Elephants - TBA

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10 x 30 minutes

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