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The 3 Drinkers

Embark on an imbibing adventure with The Three Drinkers! Join Aidy, Helena and Colin, a trio of drinks writers who are also good friends, as they journey through the sweeping landscapes of Scotland, exploring the world of Scotch whisky, one dram at a time.

Episode 1 - The Cow Whisperers

The Three Drinkers begin their Scottish adventure with a bang, delving into the world of organic whisky. They visit a £140 million distillery, attempt highland cow whispering and taste some rather bizarrely named local dishes.

Episode 2 - Dogging and Demons

The trio learn the art of whisky dogging before making some furry friends. They also try their hand at coopering before going on the hunt for the Loch Ness Monster.

Episode 3 - Whisky from Outer Space

The trio journey to Glenmorangie where they discover the other side of a whisky cask. They continue their adventure, trying their hand at some Highland Games, before setting sail for Islay where they talk peat, spades and space.

Episode 4 - Cocktails and snails

The Three Drinkers travel to London to discover the world of whisky cocktails. From "High Balls" to high class, they visit the number 1 bar in the world and explore a never-ending whisky tree.

Episode 5 - The Three Drinkers Return

Unable to stay away for long, Colin, Aidy and Helena head back up to Scotland to replenish their whisky stocks and discover more that the country has to offer. From enjoying the peace (and whisky) of Jura, where George Orwell wrote his last masterpiece, to visiting Campbell town and is covering its rich whisky history, The Three Drinkers are back with a - freezing cold - splash!

Episode 6 - Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen

Lord Aidy finally gets to visit 'his' castle and he has a surprise for the others. Colin and Helena discover the real reason people enjoy salmon fishing and Glasgow University pits their artificial tongue against our human experts.

Episode 7 - When shall we three meet again?

In this episode, Helena busts some myths about the real Macbeth and Cawdor Castle, Colin gets jealous when Aidy tastes a very rare dram and after chasing whisky waterfalls and a spot of ghost hunting, the trio get competitive to win some very special bottles.

Episodic Synopsis available here Click to download

7 x 30 minutes

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