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Bus Call

KONGOS, a rock band of four brothers, are a 10+ year "overnight success" with a huge breakout song - Come With Me Now. They're trying to turn a hit song into much more by hitting the road and toughing it out with their loyal crew.

Bus Call is an unprecedented look into one of the most coveted but often overly romanticized jobs in the world: touring in a rock band. This is travel, culture, humor, relationships, drama, heartbreak, and redemption. Bus Call, simply put, is the time that you need to be on the bus because it's leaving for the next city, but as you'll find out in this series, the term takes on a greater meaning. This is a nomadic life where everything changes on a daily basis. The only constants are the people traveling with you and your "home," the bus.

In the last 3 years the band has played more than 400 shows across 30 countries in hundreds of cities all over the world, from Moscow to Johannesburg. The story follows a current timeline of the band’s trajectory from unknown, to hit song, to a struggling third album release leading to ensuing tension and conflict with the record label and team, to getting back on the horse and keeping the dream alive with international touring and recording their 4th album.

Episode 1: The New Normal

The band and crew prepare for a 6-week North American tour to support “Egomaniac”, their 3rd album. Coming off a huge hit song, this follow up immediately feels different as the coming challenges and roadblocks start to present themselves.

Episode 2: Repeat After Me

The first show hits a major snag and the tour is off to an ominous start. The rhythm of bus life just starts to settle in when the band gets some shattering news from the record label.

Episode 3: If You Build It

Exhaustion from the tour starts to set in as ongoing drama with the record label continues. The run finishes in their hometown of Phoenix, where we meet some family and loved ones and see how this life affects them before they head straight off to Europe.

Episode 4: Pay For The Weekend

Starting in Warsaw, Poland, the 3-week European tour kicks off with some bittersweet shows as ongoing business conflicts weigh heavily. The jet-lag and persistent travel mixed with drinking and partying make for a strangely romanticized delirium.

Episode 5: - "We're Almost Home"

The European tour rolls on in a bit of a blur, but the band’s first ever shows in Russia and Ukraine are electric and with a surprising turn in Spain everybody leaves Europe on a high note, reminded that the struggles are worth it.

Episode 6: "Everything Is Not Every Thing"

Back in the US the band is disillusioned with the music business. We flashback to 6 months earlier for a trip to their homeland of South Africa for some festivals, time with old friends and to show the crew their amazing country, including an epic safari. We learn more about their dad, John Kongos and the family history. An emotional interview with Jesse puts everything in perspective.

Episode 7: "When You're Here"

Heading to Latin America for a whirlwind two weeks, this is the first tour since Jesse’s daughter Eve was born. Despite major logistical and technical issues, everyone is invigorated by the legendary crowds and the warmth of the people and atmosphere in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru,Colombia and Mexico.

Episode 8: "Something New Under The Sun"

The band and crew reunite on the bus in Memphis for the final leg of the “Egomaniac” tour. Tragic news has Mic fly home to Scotland. Tensions hit a peak between the brothers and there is a blowup argument between Jesse and Danny. Family prevails as this journey draws to an end.

Episodic Synopsis available here Click to download

8 x 30 minutes

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