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Myanmar, Bridges to Change

A team of mountaineers undertakes one of the most grueling expeditions to the northern tip of Myanmar, a remote and inhospitable corner of the Himalayas. Their goal is to make a first ascent of the Peak, Gamlang Razi, and solve one of the greatest mysteries yet unsolved: which peak is the highest in Southeast Asia-Gamlang Razi or Hkakabo Razi. To do this they would not only need to successfully make a first ascent of a mountain few have ever seen, but also accurately measure the summit elevation with a sophisticated GPS device.

The team travels on foot through one of the harshest environments in the world just to reach base camp. Though the journey is tough, the team is rewarded with unparalleled beauty and the opportunity to be the first westerners to meet the people who live in this remote corner of Myanmar, including the Taron population, a rare and endangered Pygmy population with only 3 surviving humans left in existence.

Episodic Synopsis available here Click to download

60 minutes

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