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Jai Ho – The Story of India

A never-before portrayal of India, the only surviving civilisation of the ancient world. Mounted on an unprecedented scale and ambition, the series captures India's unbroken, mesmerizing journey of 5000 years in three stylishly crafted episodes.

Few civilisations have shaped the history of humankind the way India has. Be it zero or cotton, the eternal ideas it gave birth to, are still around us. Or, the idea of the global trade, an economic phenomenon that India dominated for 17.5 centuries.

What kept it going even in the face of countless invasions and long spell of colonisation? How it is rising once again as a global economic power? The Story of India, which took four years and 100,000 kilometres of journey across Himalayas, Ganges, deserts and plains, decodes some of the mantras that keep powering this enduring civilisation - and land.

Powerful stories and stunning visuals, The Story of India is a spectacular journey in time.

Episodic Synopsis available here Click to download

3 x 60 minutes

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