My Mother's Garden
My Mother's Garden

A Family Grows Out of Chaos

This is the story of Eugenia Lester whose hoarding disorder had reached dangerous proportions. Directed by her daughter Cynthia, it documents how one family comes together to cope with their mother s disorder and rebuild a lost sense of family.

Born and raised in communist Poland, Eugenia is overwhelmed by the consumer driven society in America. She came here with her husband and a son but was soon left alone. Battling depression, she eventually started a business, and a new family. During this time a hoarding disorder within her began to take over. It reached a stage where she continued to clutter her home, and also thoughts with useless garbage, pushing her three children out of home.

Years on, her daughter, Cynthia Lester, now a qualified television professional, embarks on her directorial debut with 'My Mother's Garden', driven by the desire to heal her family and create awareness about hoarding disorder.

A Cynthia Lester and Elisabeth Harris film.

Episodic Synopsis available here Click to download


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